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Uta Marong eine personzentrierte Psychotherapeutin aus Graz

“It is astonishing how issues that don’t seem to have a solution can be overcome when
someone listens.”


Person-centered psychotherapy in Graz

It is almost impossible to find your way out of some life situations on your own – professional support is necessary and valuable. As a psychotherapist, I can use my empathy and professional knowledge to support you on your journey towards better psychological well-being and personal growth.

A shared journey of discovery


Uta Marong

As a person-centered psychotherapist, it is important to me to build a relationship with my clients where I can show appreciation, comprehensive understanding, and sincerity. You can trust that I will meet you with
respect and openness. I am happy to share my expertise and provide a good framework so you can learn to understand yourself better, move away from your problem areas and grow into your personality.

Psychotherapie Praxis con Uta Marong in Graz


1. Getting in touch

You are welcome to contact me by phone, e-mail or via the contact form. If I'm not available at the time of your call, I will get back to you reliably.

3. Follow-up Appointments

A therapy session in an individual setting lasts 50 minutes. In order to ensure a successful therapy process, sessions are usually carried out once a week or every 2 weeks, although we can change the frequency if necessary.

2. Initial consultation

A non-binding initial meeting serves to get to know your goals, but also to get to know each other and to see whether you feel that you are in good hands and can imagine a trusting collaboration with me in the future.

4. Completion

Ideally, psychotherapy is over when your personal therapy goal has been achieved
and you have overcome the stresses that brought you to therapy.

Die  Praxis von Uta Marong die Psychotherapeutin in Graz für Psychotherapie

Make an appointment

As a psychotherapist I can help you discover your inner resources. I offer a safe
space where you can speak openly about your thoughts and feelings. Feel free to
contact me to make an appointment and take the first step towards greater well-
being and growth. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

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