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Pflanzen von Uta Marong, Psychotherapeutin aus Graz

"Every person is a unique person and actually, considered in their own right, the greatest artwork of all time."



Initial consultation

It is best to contact me by phone or e-mail and we will make an appointment for the first session. During this initial consultation, we will take one full session so you can describe your concerns and we have time to get to know each other. Together we will clarify your wishes, goals, and expectations for therapy. Finally, we will discuss the details for therapy and how we will move forward.


Each psychotherapy session lasts 50 minutes. The duration of the entire therapy process is individual and depends on several factors, such as the topic you want to work on, your starting point and your goals.


  • Initial consultation: 120 € / 50 min.

  • Individual therapy: 120 € / 50 min.

  • Couples therapy: 190 € / 75 min.

You can pay the fee in cash or by bank transfer.

You can have part of the costs reimbursed by your health insurance company:

  • ÖGK: € 33,70 (Deductible € 86,30)

  • BVAEB: € 46,60 (Deductible € 73,40)

  • SVS: € 45,00 (Deductible € 75,00)

Private health insurance companys often provide an additional subsidy. Please inquire about this with your private health insurance company.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it as soon as possible, but not later than 24 hours in advance by telephone or in writing. Appointments that are not canceled in time or missed will be charged in full.


As a psychotherapist, I am bound by a strict, legally regulated duty of confidentiality. This applies to all content of a psychotherapeutic session and includes spouses, life partners and other family members as well as private and public institutions. (Psychotherapy Act § 15)

  • Do I need psychotherapy?
    Whether you are satisfied with your current quality of life is for you to decide. Reasons for starting psychotherapy may be that you are dissatisfied with your own life and you feel like you can’t fulfill your own potential due to recurring patterns, structures, emotions, or inner conflicts. Psychotherapy means setting out on a journey, a journey to yourself. I support and accompany you during this process.
  • What does a typical person-centred psychotherapy session look like?
    In person-centered psychotherapy, we begin each session with an open and empathetic exploration of your current thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Any topic is welcome. A therapist helps you explore your own, individual experience and guides you towards new insights.
  • What is special about person-centered psychotherapy?
    Person-centered psychotherapy emphasizes the impact that appreciation for your individual experiences and a supportive therapeutic relationship can have. It creates an environment that supports your personal growth and development, which can lead to profound and lasting changes and a better quality of life.
  • Do I have to have a real mental illness to do psychotherapy?
    No, this is not a requirement for starting to see a psychotherapist. If you want to get to know yourself better, if you are interested in your own personal development and/or if different circumstances are causing you psychological stress, talking to a psychotherapist can help.
  • How effective is person-centered psychotherapy?
    Person-centered psychotherapy is a state-approved form of psychotherapy. There are many studies that attest to the effectiveness of person-centered psychotherapy. It has been successfully used in the treatment of various mental disorders like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. It has also been shown to help significantly improve people's overall well-being and quality of life.
  • Do I have to take medication?
    Psychotherapists are not allowed to prescribe medication, but we work closely with psychiatrists. In some cases, we recommend a combination of drug treatment by the psychiatrist and psychotherapy. If this is the case for you, we will discuss it in detail during therapy.
  • I'm very short on cash but need psychotherapy. What do I do?
    I offer a social plan for three clients at a time, which is intended for those who are on very low incomes but still need therapy. If this applies to you, just talk to me and I can let you know whether a place is available.


Schillerstrasse 15,

8010 Graz

Uta Marong die Psychotherapeutin in Graz

Thanks very much! I'll be in touch with you shortly.

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