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Pflanzen von Uta Marong, Psychotherapeutin aus Graz

Person-centered psychotherapy in Graz 

In the context of talk therapy, there is always room for all topics that you would like to bring up. As the name suggests, this type of therapy focuses on the conversation and thus the relationship between therapist and client.


In psychotherapy, I accompany you on your way out of your crisis. In a fear-free, trusting atmosphere, you can rediscover your potential, develop a positive self-image and grow and mature as a person. I support you in discovering what is special about your own life story and in embracing the opportunities that change can bring.

The goal is for you to find appropriate and satisfying solutions to problems that occur
in your life. You will increasingly develop new perspectives and take responsibility for
shaping your own life according to your personal needs and values.

You can trust that I will always treat you with respect, without prejudice and meet you at eye level.

Common Topics 


Schillerstrasse 15,

8010 Graz

Uta Marong die Psychotherapeutin in Graz

Thanks very much! I'll be in touch with you shortly.

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